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Commissioned Works of Original Art by Sergey Mozer

I do not duplicate my artwork. I do not paint the same art pieces in different sizes. Every work is one and only artwork and will not be copied or duplicated (at least by me!).

One of the reasons for commission work is a specific size artwork to fit the space.

Another reason for commission work is a color pallet which should compliment interior design.

One more reason for - is a subject matter – whatever that could be intimacy consent, color preferences, particular object or theme.

If you need an art work of specific size, color, theme or subject matter, I will be glad to take a commission and create an art piece based on your needs.

Please, contact me with any requests or questions you may have in regards to possible commission for you.

Thank you,

Sergey Mozer

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Original Art Commissioned by Sergey Mozer