Artist Biography

Sergey Mozer 1957-2017
Sergey Mozer was born on December 20, 1957 in the city of Irkutsk. As a boy, he would sketch, draw, and make things out of found objects. He was particularly drawn to the elements of nature, man-made textures, structures, and the relationships between colors.

Early Years

Well before graduating high school, it was apparent that Sergey loved art and was set on becoming an artist. He worked with pencil, pastel, charcoal, painted with oil, watercolor and gouache, and enjoyed wood carving, 3-D design and sculpting. He dreamed of pursuing formal training as an artist/painter in lieu of a more traditional college major. But the influence of his parents and society led him to choose the more pragmatic career path of becoming an architect. In 1975, Sergey was accepted to university at Odessa Architectural Academy, and with great honors graduated their 5-year program in 1980. Sergey had a unique aptitude for architectural drafting and design and was published in an architectural magazine profiling up-and-coming talent.

Adult Years

In 1992, Sergey and his family immigrated to the United States, settling in Brooklyn, NY. His first jobs, like many immigrants, were many levels below his professional abilities and licensure. Sergey humbly accepted the manual labor work of scraping paint off walls, sweeping floors, and moving wood and metal beams around at construction sites. In 1994, he secured a drafting position at a small architectural firm and after several more years, opened his own architectural business which he successfully ran until 2017.

Later Years

In 2006, Sergey designed and built his own house which included a spacious, well-lit attic art studio. When not attending to his business, Sergey would spend countless hours in his attic working on his art. He created the majority of his works in that space between 2008 and 2017. His process included meticulous planning of how the final versions of his pieces would look. That same perfectionist disposition led him to construct many of the frames for his paintings in order to control the entire creation process. As his body of work grew, Sergey began to exhibit his art. His paintings were featured in galleries and exhibits in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Las Vegas, Jersey City, New York City and Bridgehampton. He derived great pleasure from sharing his work with the world. In October of 2017, at the age of 59, Sergey passed away from complications of cancer. He left behind a collection of more than 200 unique art pieces and hundreds of architectural projects around the tristate area.